Builder Readers’ 50 Favorite Products of 2010

This normal-looking 30-inch Profile range comes with an induction cooktop that saves time and energy by cooking faster than gas or electric. Using magnetic fields, the technology heats the pot while the area surrounding the burners stays relatively cool. It features a 5.3-cubic-foot oven. GE Consumer & Industrial . 800-626-2005.

Offering flexibility and convenience, this 36-inch hybrid induction cooktop automatically detects the presence of magnetic cookware, activates the induction field, and adjusts to the exact size of the pan. It’s 70 percent more energy efficient than gas and 20 percent more efficient than electric. Electrolux USA . 877-435-3287.

This induction cooktop allows heat to be adjusted instantly and precisely. It uses magnetic energy that transfers heat directly to the cookware, which results in faster and more energy-efficient cooking. Available in 30- and 36-inch models, it has touch-activated controls and 17 heat settings. Jenn-Air . 800-536-6247.

The solid-wood cabinets feature a recessed panel for timeless appeal. The wall cabinets are finished with a small but distinctive cove molding, and all cabinets are fitted with satin nickel knobs and pulls. Storage options include a lazy susan and roll-out pantry trays. KraftMaid . 888-562-7744.

These 27-inch freezer columns offer design versatility in the kitchen. Each unit features digital controls, low-profile hinges, heavily insulated doors, and magnetic door seals that prevent air leaks. Antimicrobial air purification and microbiological water filtration reduce bacteria. Sub-Zero . 800-222-7820.

Hardie Reveal is a fiber-cement cladding that consists of panels and prepackaged aluminum trim. Available in 4-foot-by-8-foot sheets, the panels are made from wood pulp and cement but are 40 percent thicker than residential fiber cement. James Hardie Commercial . 888-542-7343.

Designed for special-care clothes, the BreezeDry laundry appliance allows homeowners to dry their clothes with natural outdoor air, ambient air, or warmed indoor air. Using low-power fans and moisture, the unit prevents shrinking, fraying, and fading, and is faster than drip drying. Grimm Brothers Plastics Corp . 866-999-1982.

Made with nearly 70 percent post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials, ecoX is a cement-based composite surfacing that can be used in the kitchen or bath for a variety of applications such as countertops, tiles, and tub surrounds. It can be cut, sanded, and polished like natural stone. Meld USA . 919-790-1749.

The wrought iron–inspired design of Veranda external grille door glass adds Old World charm to a home. It has a rust-resistant grille with hinged scrollwork that makes it simple for homeowners to open and clean. Its micro-granite textured glass offers privacy but permits daylight. ODL . 800-253-3900.

Instead of cutting down trees to make wood flooring, the manufacturer deconstructs old structures to reclaim their precious lumber. One of the maker’s newest offerings is rescued maple strip flooring. The line comes in 2- to 2 ½-inch-wide boards. Aged Woods . 800-233-9307.

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