Build 3 by URBANbuild

URBANbuild’s proejcts are constructed on infill sites in older, established neighborhoods. That means that more durable, flexible building techniques like pre-panelized systems such as SIPS.

Laying out rooms based on standard building material dimensions saves money and waste. It also allows for custom details like these window seat bookshelves to be added for very little effort or expense.

Open screens allow daylight and natural ventilation to pass unimpeded throughout the house.

To build affordably and sustainably, the team used Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), incorporated passive cooling techniques like cross ventilation and shading, and designed an open floor plan that fits standard material dimensions to reduce costs and waste.

The metal works is simply a continuation of the roof plain and aids with the control and distribution of water. It also is a durable cladding option that is affordable to purchase, install, and maintain.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are pre-engineered wall systems that reduce time and margin of error during construction, plus provide a tighter, more energy-efficient building envelope.

That method of fabrication is slightly more expensive than stick built according to Mouton, but it will become more cost effective once it becomes familiar to the common builder.

Small custom windows provide dappled light yet maintain privacy in the street-facing bedroom.

The tiny windows are operable for natural ventilation. Mouton believes that "there is a desire and need for people to run their homes more passively and with greater control for energy."

Floor plans

Build 3 model

“We’re seeing more extremes,” Mouton says, “instead of suburbia, homeowners want to move into a more urban setting or a more rural setting, but either way there’s a greater desire for community interaction and tolerance for living closer to other people.”

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