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Made from a minimum of 60 percent post-industrial scrap aluminum and polymeric resins, Alkemi is strong and durable, its manufacturer says, and can be sanded and buffed to a matte or high-gloss finish. It can also be shaped using regular woodworking tools. Available in ½-inch or ¾-inch thicknesses, the product comes in sheets measuring 3 feet wide by 8 or 10 feet long. Renewed Materials. 301-320-0042.

Cardboard never looked so good. The manufacturer's newest creation is a paper-based composite countertop made from 50 percent recycled corrugated cardboard and 50 percent Pacific Northwest softwood pulp. It is stain, scratch, and heat resistant, the maker says. It's also dense enough to accommodate long spans and cantilevers without additional support. Richlite. 888-383-5533.

Bio Glass is made from 100 percent recycled material and can be used for countertops, interior flooring, or walls. The product has a nonporous surface that is easy to clean and an appearance that varies based on the lighting. It comes in slabs measuring 110 inches by 49 inches. Coverings Etc. 305-757-6000.

Finding yet another use for old glass, the manufacturer has unveiled Trend Q, an agglomerate stone product with 72 percent post-consumer recycled material. It's impervious to stains and fading, the company says, and is water resistant, making it ideal for kitchen and bath countertops. Measuring only ¼ inch thick, it comes in 12-inch tiles or custom panels in 50 colors. Trend USA. 866-508-7363.

hese recycled-aluminum countertop tiles are one way to get a metal look with easy installation. Each piece has a clear, powder-coated finish that is nonreactive, nontoxic, and stain-proof, the company says. Squares, rectangles, frontwraps, and backsplashes are available. Eleek. 503-232-5526.

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