A New Generation of Underlayment Can Help Roofs Perform

LINER NOTES: RoofLiner is a lightweight, premium synthetic roofing underlayment that helps prevent leaking. Offering a Class A fire rating, it’s made from Elvaloy AC copolymer and can be used with a variety of roofing types including asphalt shingles, clay, concrete, fiber cement, and metal tiles. Each roll measures 48 inches wide.  DuPont Building Innovations. 800-448-9835. www.roofing.dupont.com.

MAXX TOP: MAXX TITAN is a waterproof membrane that allows roofs to breathe. It has a shiny silver coating that reflects up to 50 percent of radiant energy, helping keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and features a bottom sponge-like layer that protects wood roof rafters and sheathing by absorbing excess moisture.  Cosella-Dorken Products. 888-433-5824. www.cosella-dorken.com.

SURROUND SOUND: Surround SR underlayment is a tear-resistant roofing underlayment that offers secondary protection against moisture intrusion. Made from a waterproof polymer, the product is lightweight, easy to install, and slip-resistant. It features five times more material in one roll than 30-pound felt, the company says, and its rolls are 40 percent lighter and 25 percent wider than felt.  Fiberweb. 800-284-2780. www.surroundtypar.com

MAGNUM OPUS: Opus Roof Blanket is touted as being superior to both felt paper and plastic sheeting underlayment. Its composition gives it a slip-resistant surface, and its blanket surface makes it easy for roofers to snap a chalk line. Lightweight and easy to work with, the product stays cool in summer and works in freezing temperatures.  Propex Operating Co. 404-276-6394. www.opusroofblanket.com.

STICK IT: Making underlayment installation simple and easy, new Peel-N-Stick Felt is the industry’s first and only saturated felt underlayment with a release film backing that can be peeled off, according to its maker. It requires no cap nails or staples for installation. It will be available in every state except Florida.  TAMKO Building Products. 800-641-4691. www.tamko.com.

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