A Modular System Flexible Enough for Emergencies and Vacation Home

Joseph Bellomo and Taraneh Naddafi designed House Arc to function as both an emergency shelter option and an attractive solution for backyard home expansion.

The interior is spare and open.

The first House Arc was permanently installed on Hawaii’s Big Island as a custom project.

Set among the trees, the unit features a shading trellis that limits heat gain. Large windows and sliding glass doors provide natural light, maintain views, and funnel in ocean breezes to cool the interior.

The structure can be installed on concrete piers or with soil screws that are typically used for trailer homes.

Polycarbonate glazing permits light while maintaining privacy, and cedar cladding adds a touch of elegance.

This rendering shows how the solar trellis works.

Developers are interested in using the structures as hotel cabanas.

Seen in this series of photographs, the installation of House Arc takes about three days.

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