2014 Round-up: Water Heaters

GE GeoSpring  This heat pump hybrid offers four settings and a vacation mode to choose from, along with what the company claims is an industry-first electronic backlit LCD display for simplified control. In hybrid mode, the GeoSpring unit employs heat pump technology and uses electric elements when a faster recovery time is needed. Advances in GE’s heat pump technology have made it possible to operate at temperatures as low as 35 F. www.geappliances.com

ClimateMaster ClimateMaster says its Trilogy 45 is 50 percent more efficient than its previous geothermal systems, and is the only one with Q-mode, which offers whole-house hot water generation in addition to heating and cooling. The variable speed geothermal heat pump has the ability to perfectly match loads to as low as 30 percent of its maximum. The system is Wi-Fi–enabled for convenient monitoring and thermostat control. Learn more about the technology behind the Trilogy 45 here.

A.O. Smith Featuring a 50-gallon tank and 50,000 BTU propane burner, the GPVT-50 (LP) Power Vent delivers a first hour rating of 96 gallons. Designed for flexibility in installation options, the unit features the company’s exclusive three-position rotatable blower outlet. A CoreGard anode rod with a stainless steel core protects the tank against corrosion. With a 0.7 EF rating, the unit is Energy Star qualified. www.hotwater.com

Trutankless Trutankless from the Bollente Cos. claims its electric tankless technology eliminates issues with scaling and mineral build-up. The heat exchanger—actually four copper heat exchangers with ceramic insulation—comes with a lifetime limited warranty. The units are Wi-Fi compatible and have self-aware features that can detect leaks, automate service calls, and communicate directly with the installer. www.trutankless.com

Navien The NPE-Advanced series gas heater uses ComfortFlow technology with an internal buffer tank and recirculation pump to maintain a steady stream of heated water and eliminate “cold water sandwiches” common with tankless systems. Half-inch gas connections and 2-inch PVC venting ensure installation time comparable to traditional tank heaters. The technology delivers cooled exhaust gas and up to a 0.97 EF rating. www.navienamerica.com

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