13 Universal Design Products Builders Should Be Using Now

Comfort-Height Toilet: A comfort-height toilet measuring 16 inches or 17 inches off the floor is easier for sitting.

Wall-Hung Toilet: A wall-mounted bowl can be placed at any height and makes a bathroom easier to clean up. An in-wall tank also adds extra floor space.

Safety Tub: Easy to get in and out of, this unit from Kohler has a door that slides up and down so it’s easy for anyone to use.

Touchless Kitchen Faucet: A single-handle faucet is easier to operate than a double-handle one, but a touchless electronic faucet is even better.

Touchless Bath Faucet: A hands-free electronic faucet is excellent for the bathroom too.

Lever Handle: A lever handle is smoother to operate than a round door knob and can be opened with an elbow.

Keyless Lock: A keyless lock that can be opened with a key pad is easier for everyone to open.

Freezer Drawer: Refrigerators with accessible freezer drawers are easy to reach for individuals in wheelchairs.

Appliances in Drawers: Refrigerator drawers are easier to access and don't require as much bending.

Flat Switches: Flat rocker light switches are easier to operate than standard toggle switches.

Zero-Clearance Drain: Line drains allow you to eliminate the barriers and thresholds of a shower and are much more accessible for a wheelchair.

Accessible Range: An ADA-compliant stove makes cooking safer and more comfortable. The handles, buttons, and graphics are located on the front, positioned closer to the user.

Induction Cooktop: An induction cooktop (which uses magnetic energy) boils water faster than an electric unit but stays relatively cool to touch.

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