13 Products From IBS 2012 That You Really Have To See

EcoStud is a 100% recycled plastic stud and track system that is simple and easy to install with common tools and standard fasteners. Designed for non-load-bearing exterior walls and interior partition walls, the product eliminates cold spots on walls, reduces sound transmission, and improves R-values, the company says. EcoStud. http://ecostud.com.

PinkWood lumber products feature a non-toxic, environmentally friendly factory-applied coating that is designed to provide a visible barrier against fire. The PinkShield coating also resists the growth of mold, fungus, and rot. PinkWood Ltd. www.pinkwood.ca.

An option on casement windows, the company’s Window Opening Control Device limits opening to 4 inches or less when the sash is opened to prevent children from harm. The device may be disengaged, allowing for further operation to full opening and automatically reengages when the sash is fully closed. Marvin Windows & Doors. www.marvin.com.

The iQ radiant floating-floor warming system consists of thin film sheets printed with carbon and silver ink. Sheets are intended to be installed between the floor joists as a primary or supplementary heating system. The elements are available in 12 inches, 16 inches, and 24 inches wide. Calorique. www.calorique.com.

The 612 retractable pleated insect screen is more affordable than other products on the market, and it’s easier to install to boot. It offers a minimum span of 2 feet high by 2 feet 11 inches wide, and a maximum of 10 feet 6 inches high by 29 feet 6 inches wide. Aluminum sections come in black, gray, and white. Brio USA. www.briousa.com.

Made from domestic ash, Thermory thermally modified decking has been heated to approximately 400 degrees. The heat rearranges cell structure to stop movement related to moisture, and it resists rot and insect infestation for 25 years or more. Attica Millwork. www.thermoryusa.com.

The EC330 Mini Saw makes plunge cuts in a variety of materials and will make traditional cuts in concrete, steel rebar, granite, marble, PVC, and aluminum. An adjustable knob allows users to dial in cutting depths and an "ergo-guard-lock" provides a safe protection against accidental guard compression. The tool comes with three blades. Newexaktsaw Inc. www.newexaktsaw.com.

Traverse is a retrofit LED downlight that can be installed into existing 5- and 6-inch housing or flush-mounted 4-inch junction boxes. It delivers the performance of an incandescent but reduces energy and operating cost by 80%. Offering 50,000 hours of life, it can be dimmed down to 5% with most switches. Sea Gull Lighting.  www.seagulllighting.com.

Billed as the socket of the future by the manufacturer, the U-Socket is a duplex AC receptacle with two built-in USB ports. It will power any device that is capable of being charged via a 5-volt power adapter. The product’s energy-efficient design only outputs power through the USB port if something is connected to it. FastMac. http://u-socket.com.

Designed for outdoor applications, Perennial Wood is lumber that has been treated with TruLast technology, a process that helps resist shrinking, swelling, and movement. The treatment modifies the wood to provide a physical barrier from rot, decay, and movement for 25 years. Eastman Chemical Co. www.perennialwood.com.

HydroGap is a new housewrap that drains moisture from wall assemblies and removes 100 times more bulk water than standard wraps, the company claims. It comprises a tri-laminate substrate, with the moisture barrier protected between two non-woven layers. It also features a spacer design on the surface that creates a 1 mm gap between the sheathing and cladding. Benjamin Obdyke. www.benjaminobdyke.com.

No need for jackhammers, noise, and fumes to demolish concrete. Ecobust is a non-toxic powdered mineral mixture that mixes with water and expands to exert thousands of pounds per square inch to demolish rock or concrete. The product is available in four different product types based on job size and the core temperature of the material being demolished. EcoBust.  www.ecobust.ca.

The Array door insert consists of two sliding panels of perforated, powder coated aluminum that allows users to control privacy and light levels. A turn of a knob moves the panels from open to close and variations in-between. It features low-E glass for energy efficiency. ODL.  www.odl.com.

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