11 More Hot Products from Greenbuild 2012

IndoTeak is a 2½-year-old company that salvages old buildings, schools, houses, and military structures in Java to reclaim old-growth teak for flooring, decking, millwork, and many other products. The company uses almost 95% of the material they reclaim. www.indoteakdesign.com.

Architects love steel windows and doors for the narrow sightlines that are possible with the material, but now they can also get triple-glaze glass as an option. Products can be either hot- or cold-rolled, with welded frames. Fixed and operable units are available. www.optimumwindow.com.

With an R-value of 2½ to 3 per inch, Hempcrete is a bio-composite made from the inner core of the hemp plant and a lime-based binder. The product is available as a cementitious insulating material or as a pre-built structural panel. www.americanlimetechnology.com.

The manufacturer recycles wood chips to create this countertop surfacing and flooring product, called Orient. Available in eight standard and custom colors, the product contains no added urea formaldehyde and comes in slabs measuring 8 feet by 3 feet in three thicknesses. www.torzosurfaces.com.

The modlet (modern electric outlet) is a device that allows users to track energy usage. Individuals simply plug the modlet into an existing electric outlet and then plug appliances into the unit. Homeowners can then use a web browser to wirelessly track and manage power consumption. themodlet.com.

Textura Wood is an interior wall cladding that’s made from reclaimed, recycled, and sustainable wood. Available in various sheet sizes, surfaces have a three-dimensional, topographical relief and come in walnut, maple/charcoaled maple mix, and a forest mix. www.sustainableflooring.com.

EcoSolid flooring is a new bamboo flooring format that is created by pressing the round bamboo canes flat instead of cutting them into strips for the traditional formats or shredding them for the strand woven formats. The result is a product that is harder than traditional bamboo flooring and has a natural rustic finish. Planks measure 5 inches wide. ecotimber.com.

The manufacturer produces pavers, bricks, and blocks with a process that incorporates 37% recycled content and eliminates the need for kiln-firing. As a result, each product requires up to 81% less energy to make and emits up to 84% less CO2. www.calstarproducts.com.

Greenskin is a polyethylene product that is used to seal gaps around building penetrations. The surface of the product also features space buttons to create air flow behind the seal. Available in sizes to fit HVAC, electrical, and plumbing pipe on vertical walls, the product eliminates caulking and taping. www.backwatervalve.com.

Suberra is a dense, lightweight, anti-bacterial cork countertop surfacing made from 100% post-industrial recycled cork grain. Naturally impermeable and non-porous, it resists water and stains, and inhibits bacterial growth. It also “heals” itself when it’s used as a cutting board in the kitchen. It comes in various lengths for countertops and tables. suberra.com.

SUITE is a strand woven line of bamboo flooring made with compressed bamboo in a solid format. With a Janka hardness rating of more than 3,000, the product is ideal for high-traffic residential applications. It comes in a brushed/distressed option. www.bamboohardwoods.com.

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