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NAHB Pushes to Protect Nation's Water Resources

Despite the Clean Water Act, the federal government’s role in protecting the nation’s waters remains poorly defined. More

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The Big List The Big List

As we look forward to the next leg of housing's big dig out from misery, one can hardly overestimate the impact that the surge of new private sector capital has had on recovery's early goings. Its genesis last year was the almost incredible absorption of vacant distressed properties by investment funds who saw big opportunity in the asymmetry between cost to acquire and rehabilitate foreclosed homes, and building a business around renting and eventually selling them. The beginning of 2013 signalled another inflection point in capital's inflow into the sector. Here's an inside look at what happened, what changed, and what's still going on in the movement of huge amounts of money into the belief system that is housing's next up-cycle. BIG BUILDER's John McManus reports the first of a multi-part special series on high-volume home building's game change moment, the TRI Pointe Homes initial public offering. More

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New Disney Community Planned in Orlando New Disney Community Planned in Orlando

Builder hopes custom homes located within Magic Kingdom's resort boundaries will spur new business. More

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