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Builders Hopeful About Next Two Years Builders Hopeful About Next Two Years

According to a recent survey by Ernst & Young, a vast majority of home builders see improvement on the horizon. More

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The Downsides of an Upturn

Home builders and lenders gather to discuss when a recovery may materialize and the challenges that could bring. More

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Hope, Uncertainty Dominate BUILDER 100 Conference Opening

Country’s biggest builders convene in Chicago to discuss sales trends, first-time home buyer, tax credit, and who’s likely to survive the housing downturn. More

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Pros and Cons of Obama's Budget for Builders

The propsed tax budget and already-approved stimulus package offer a mix of good and bad for the home building industry. More

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Stimulus Offers Limited Tax Help to Builders

Companies with revenues below $15 million can carry back losses for five years; other firms may want to research benefits of ‘debt forgiveness’ clause included in stimulus. More

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