Nicolas Retsinas

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Report: Affordability Remains Housing’s Biggest Challenge

Joint Center for Housing Studies says recovery will depend on how quickly the job market rebounds. More

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Last Word: Nicolas Retsinas Last Word: Nicolas Retsinas

BUILDER talks to the director of the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies More

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Divided We Stand

With low-interest rates holding, and rosy forecasts from almost every economist with a conduit to the media, the American dream of homeownership for all seems to be chugging ahead at full steam. But behind the boom times lies a deep malaise. Many Americans, young, old, poor and middle class, cannot afford to buy a home. More

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Immigration Counts

Immigrants make up 14 percent of first-time home buyers, according to "New Americans, New Homeowners: The Role and Relevance of Foreign-Born First-Time Homebuyers in the U.S. Housing Market," released from Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies in August. Joint Center director Nicolas P. Retsinas says 10 million immigrants will be ready to buy in the next decade. More

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