Mick Pattinson

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Former Barratt American Leader Now Building Out Foreclosed Developments

Mick Pattinson says banks remain slow in returning real estate to the market. Read more

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Barratt American is Going Out of Business

Southern California-based builder was defeated by a bad economy and lack of support from creditors. Read more

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Builders look beyond turmoil with trepidation

The next six months will be tough sledding, but might also present growth opportunities. Read more

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Homebuilders' Coalition for Responsible Bank Behavior Meets in San Diego

Builders, attorneys, and lobbyists call for banks to stop forcing defaults so they can get at builder assets. Read more

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California builder Mick Pattinson of Barratt American takes a stand against impact fees and fickle banks and lenders

With Barratt American's construction activity at a standstill, Mick Pattinson turns his attention to other issues. Read more

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Barratt American trolls for new financing

A weak housing market leaves the California-based builder strapped for cash, and without a bank to turn to. Read more

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