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Foreclosures Drop Narrowly as Tide Rises

November’s foreclosure numbers indicated that a new wave is approaching, thanks to filings delayed by paperwork issues. More

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Newest Wave of Foreclosures Surged in October

While nationwide the growing numbers seem to be slowly working their way through the system, on state and local levels, it's more a matter of fits and starts. More

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Foreclosures Gearing Up for a Comeback

Rather than hit everywhere at once, however, surges in activity will hit different states and markets at different times, as state courts push filings through. More

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Worst of Foreclosures is Over, RealtyTrac Says

After months of saying the declining numbers were merely a paperwork blip, analysts now say the trend is here to stay. More

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Foreclosure Filings Down 29% In First Half Of 2011

Processing delays were the culprit again, according to RealtyTrac. More

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Even as Foreclosure Rates Drop, Distressed Inventories Grow

Banks' paperwork issues continue to cloud the numbers and consumer confidence. More

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Foreclosures Drop, but a Shadow Still Looms

While delays continue to allow foreclosure numbers to drop, 3.7 million homes with delinquent mortgages are waiting in the wings. More

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January Foreclosures Increase at a Slower Pace

Banks being forced to revisit procedures account for the deceptively positive numbers. More

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Foreclosure Sales Drop to 25% of All Home Sales in Third Quarter

Average discounts on foreclosed properties reach five-year high of 32%. More

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Foreclosure Filings Decrease 4% in October

RealtyTrac executive suggests parallel 9% drop in bank repossessions is substantially due to ‘robo-signing’ debacle. More

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