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25 Multidirectional Maps of 2013

The top Pulse maps we've shared with you this year fall all over the map (see what we did there?). There's no unifying theme to be found among the maps you liked best, except that we all must care about what's going on in other necks of the woods than our own. Check out 2013's 25 most popular maps: From population growth to waist growth, and even vegetable consumption. More

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Green Building Makes Economic Sense for the Housing Industry Green Building Makes Economic Sense for the Housing Industry

Forget environmental stewardship for a minute. Greener, sustainable construction is in builders’ best interests on economic grounds. More

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Property Wars

AT what point does a competitor's architectural design pass beyond “similar”? An ongoing court dispute between Minneapolis-based Rottlund Co. and Town and Country Homes (which builds in Minnesota and Illinois) could illuminate the tipping point and set a precedent for merchant-built housing. More

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Defying the Odds

David Weekley Homes succeeds with build-on-your-lot, but not without plenty of bumps along the way. More

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