Brian Bethune

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Economic Insight: Keep Homes Small, Affordable

Economists note the economic “damage” to consumers in terms of income, employment, and confidence from this recession. Read more

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A Return to the RTC Days?

Treasury announces plan to stabilize housing and financial markets by buying troubled loans and supporting purchase of more mortgage-backed securities. Read more

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Financial Meltdown Will Likely Worsen Housing Crisis for Home Builders

Builders should brace for even tighter requirements for business loans, consumer mortgages. Read more

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Government GSE Takeover Could Reduce Cost of Mortgages

Experts see a moderate decline in rates before yearend but note that the fundamentals still point to continuing malaise in the housing market. Read more

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Analysts Critique Bailout of Fannie, Freddie by Treasury

Some wonder if this "shot in the arm" to housing and financial markets will have any lasting impact. Read more

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Federal Reserve Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged

The federal funds rate will stay at 2%. Read more

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Consumer Confidence Improves in July

Economists worry it might just be a temporary rise. Read more

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Consumer Confidence Plummets to Lowest Reading in 28 Years

Preliminary June numbers for University of Michigan Index suggest Americans might curtail their spending as 2008 progresses. Read more

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