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Are You Certified?

FOR OVER 40 YEARS, THE NAHB Research Center has helped improve the quality and performance of building products by testing a wide range of materials in its highly specialized laboratory facility. More

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Gathering Storm

Thanks to flat earnings, escalating mold and home defect lawsuits, increasing worker compensation claims, and the enormous losses suffered Sept. 11 by the reinsurance industry that stands behind the major insurers, insurance rates are skyrocketing. You have a full-blown forest fire, where we are seeing renewals coming in at 50 percent rate increases, even 100 percent or more," says Bob Rusbuldt, CEO of the Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA), a Washington-based trade association. Due to inaction by Congress before it adjourned in late December, it appeared as though "insurance coverage for acts of terror is likely to become virtually unavailable after Jan. 1," when 70 percent of the reinsurance policies expire, Rusbuldt warns. More

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