Zillow announced the launch of their new video walkthrough software, which will enhance the house-hunting process for potential buyers. The tool, which will allow buyers to immerse themselves in a listing, consists of short, two-minute videos with no sound that can be uploaded directly to the listings, for free, by real estate agents. The format of the videos is the same for all listings, which gives buyers a consistent experience and allows them to compare a home's features and attributes.

The system was designed to fit with the behavior of modern buyers, who do most of their searching on mobile phones. Two-thirds of Zillow's traffic comes from a smartphone, and on weekends that number jumps to more than 70%.

"With home buying season starting to ramp up, we wanted to give buyers another tool to help them in their home search process," said Jeremy Wacksman, Zillow chief marketing officer. "Video walkthroughs give buyers a quick glimpse into home features that are hard to capture in photos, like how a home is laid out or how much natural light there is in the kitchen. For agents and sellers, video walkthroughs are a great new way to make their listings stand out to the millions of home buyers who visit Zillow each month."

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