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As more and more devices force consumers to effectively 'be connected' 24/7, privacy and security concerns have skyrocketed. There's reports of people hacking into cars, smart locks, and garage controls. 

Now comes a finding that Comcast's Xfinity Home Security system could leave homes completely open to thieves. Wired staffer Kim Zetter writes that security researchers at Rapid7 have found the product could falsely report windows and doors are locked and even fail to sense an intruder's motion.

The system uses a ZigBee-based protocol to communicate and operate over the 2.4 GHz radio frequency band. All a thief has to do is use radio jamming equipment to block the signals that pass from a door, window, or motion sensor to the home’s baseband hub, according to Tod Beardsley, security research manager for Rapid7. The system fails to recognize when communication is halted and also “fails positive” instead of alerting the homeowner to a negative condition—that is, it will continue reporting that all sensors are intact and that windows and doors are secured even if they’re not, instead of warning homeowners to check the window or door.

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