CityLab editor-at-large Richard Florida dives into a new study that tackles the burning question of why people live where they do.

The report comes from the Centre for Cities—a London-based research and policy institute—and it's one of the most detailed looks that Florida has seen. The report surveyed why urbanites and suburbanites value most (and least) about their communities, measuring factors like cost of housing, transit, proximity to jobs, green or open spaces, amenities and quality of the natural and built environments.

Not surprisingly, the key things that matter to people about the neighborhoods they live in include a mix of housing costs, being close to family, and proximity to where they work.

More than a quarter (28%) of respondents cited housing costs and proximity to friends as key factors in the neighborhoods where they live, followed by the size and type of available housing (22%), and proximity to their workplace or their partner’s workplace (21%).

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