Boomers aging in place. content producer Judy Dutton taps into a real estate columnist Kenneth R. Harney analysis into a reason for a logjam in desirable, for-sale residential property listings. His thesis: Baby Boomers aren't moving out of their long-time homes for retirement, move-downs, or for-rent options as expected.

It's probably a little early to worry about the pace of the transition, especially in light of how the Great Recession's toll on household wealth may have slowed the process down a bit as retiring and nearing-retirement households try to restores their nest eggs to where they need them before moving.

Anyway, Dutton's take on the story is not particularly warm and fuzzy as regards baby boom behavior patterns. She writes:

Experts say they should be downsizing into smaller homes now that their kids have flown the coop—but these empty nesters just aren’t budging.

Maybe it's a dress rehearsal for aging in place.

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