From the hopped-up minds of engineers at Whirlpool comes this: A crowdfunded beer maker. TechCrunch reports:

Like the movie in which Robert DeNiro plays an intern, venerated appliance brand Whirlpool is spreading its wings, dusting off the cobwebs, and crowdfunding a beer maker. The product, called Vessi, ferments and dispenses suds and even has a system for reducing and managing sediment.

The system comes from W Labs, Whirlpool’s product design skunkworks, and is part of Indiegogo’s Enterprise Initiative which brings big companies to the crowdfunding table.

The Vessi costs $1,200 for early birds but will sell for $1,800. It makes beer in seven days and requires no “expertise.” The Vessi only handles the cold side of beer fermentation which means you need to cook the grains and infuse the hops yourself on the stove.

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