MarketWatch's Barbara Kollmeyer takes a look at a 3D visualization of data recently produced by the Bureau of Economic Analysis and Department of Commerce that showed the share of gross domestic product based on metropolitan areas.

That data was then turned into a map by to illustrate where all the money is coming from. The New York metro, which includes Newark and Jersey City, came in first, with a contribution of $1.56 trillion in GDP--providing almost 10% of the nation's GDP last year. The Los Angeles area came second, with $866 billion in 2014, while Chicago and Houston came third and fourth respectively.

“In analyzing the data, we found that the top 20 metrwopolitan areas represent over 52% of the total GDP in the U.S.,” said Raul Amoros, director of content development at also broke down GDP by state, and found that the top five states contributed 40% of the overall GDP for the U.S.: California blew the rest of the U.S. away with a contribution of $2.11 trillion or over 13% of overall GDP. Not so close behind was Texas with $1.46 trillion, or 9.5% of overall GDP. New York, Florida and Illinois made up the rest of that top five.

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