Zillow's ranking of markets by share of all-cash buyers
Viktoria Gavrilina

The new evolving geography of all-cash purchases in home sales has demographics and life-stage as underlying drivers.

Here, Zillow economic analyst Cody Fuller gets into the data weeds, with analysis that focuses on the following toplines:

  • As of Q2 2015, the five markets with the highest percentage of all-cash home purchases were all in Florida. 
  • Seven of the 10 metros with the smallest share of cash buyers are on the west coast. 
  • Metros with small shares of cash buyers tend to have younger populations, while markets with high shares of cash buyers tend to have a higher share of households headed by a widow/widower.

Of course, that has some implications when it comes to sussing out what types of new-home product and neighborhood people are drawn to in those regions.
Here are the top 10 and bottom 10 markets for all-cash buyers.

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