Street Names can be misleading as indicators of real estate property values.

Street names make claims, but sometimes, as Wall Street Journal staffer Leigh Kamping-Carder finds in scouring real estate listings data mines for clues as to their validity, they're prone to white-lie advertising.

She and her elite squad of researchers looked into ties between the names of streets with architectural references--cabin, villa, mansion, bungalow, castle, etc.--and their property value. The findings were a wake-up call:

Homes on Mansion Street (and equivalents, such as Mansion Road, Avenue, Court and Boulevard) were the least expensive, with a median asking price of $110.70 per square foot, according to real-estate website Zillow, which examined listings as of Dec. 1. Homes on Bungalow Street had the highest prices, at $205.08 per square foot.

Of course, Bungalow Street(s) tend to be in hoity-toity places like Fire Island, Long Island, NY, and Beverly Hills.

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