CItyLab staffer Laura Bliss breaks down the many housing measures on the ballot in San Francisco this election day. In many ways, the city's affordability crisis is in the spotlight this election, with seven out of 11 propositions related to housing.

One measure takes on the issue of short-term rentals. 

A law passed in October 2014 capped the number of nights “hosts” could rent out their units at 90, but compliance has been low and enforcement strategies weak.

Prop. F changes the cap to 75 nights per year. It also requires hosts and platforms to report more information to the city about their operations; If a host exceeds the 75-night cap, for example, he’s prohibited from listing his unit. The measure also empowers neighbors and non-profits to seek legal action against violators.

In addition, there's a big $310 million housing bond for affordable housing on the ballot, as well as a proposition to limit development in the Mission District to just 100% affordable housing for the next 18 to 30 months.

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