Millennials and the economy.

UpNest recently published an infographic detailing what millennials are looking for in a home and a real estate agent.

According to UpNest’s findings, of the 83.1 million millennials – the largest generation in U.S. history – 54% currently rent, 26% own, 21% live with family, and 3% live in student or military housing. By 2025, they’re projected to make up three-quarters of the workforce and currently represent 68% of first-time home buyers.

The results show that 90% used a real estate agent or broker to buy a home and half found their agent through a friend, neighbor, or relative. Millennials also prefer to buy a home in the suburbs (49%), rather than an urban area or city (21%), a small town (17%), a rural area (13%), or a resort (1%).

The most affordable city for millennials for purchase a home is Detroit, Mich., while the least affordable is San Jose, Calif.

To view the entire infographic, click below.

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