The Wall Street Journal's Frances Holliss reports that while more than half of U.S. businesses are home-based, not all homes are built to accommodate a working environment. The majority of contemporary homes are designed as open, flexible living spaces, and are filled with distractions that may cause issue when quiet and privacy is vital.

Dealing with a space that's a poor fit eventually leads to inefficiency, frustration, and stress. However, there are solutions available in the form of productivity-boosting design strategies ​. Here, five innovative houses ​  show how to best resolve some of the biggest problems home-based businesses encounter. 

Disturbing the neighbors is a central concern for many home-based businesses. A workhome design by 24H architecture shows a way past the problem. At Veld van Klanken (Field of Sounds), 30 music studios are buried under a large central grassy mound, soundproofed by the Earth.

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