Photo courtesy TechCrunch
Photo courtesy TechCrunch

TechCrunch contributor Diomedes Kastanis offers predictions on what the world will look like by 2020. Kastanis predicts how current tech trends play out, merge, dissipate, or expand. 

One of the many predictions that he makes is that cities will become more and more glocal:

"In the future, everything will be “glocal:” a localized version of a global trend. A current example of this is playing out with Uber in India. Because Indian consumers tend to care more about getting to their destination for a good price rather than “in style,” Uber launched a rickshaw-on-demand service in Delhi. And to get around government regulations, Delhi users can pay for their rides in cash."

To learn more about the direction that technology appears to be going, head over to TechCrunch:

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