Is there a "there" there for IoT?

For home builders, there's a lot that's sexy about smart homes, and a lot that's risky about them too. What they pay to install may, in some cases, be outmoded, outdated, or just plain dumb, by the time the new owner takes hold of the keys.

TechCrunch contributor Jim @theiotguru Hunter suggests that 2016 may be a tipping point year of sorts for "things connected to the internet," as they will evolve from gee whiz items to ones that serve practical, sustainable value to homeowners. Hunter writes:

The IoT is not a revolution in technology, but rather an evolution. As such, “things” will continue to evolve in accordance with human notions about their uses and application. Currently, there is too much noise for the mass market to really understand IoT and the value it can bring to their daily lives.

That confusion is augmented by the variety of non-interoperable products laid out side-by-side on store shelves, and the lack of a dominant standard. There is still a long way to go before we can consider the IoT “mature.”

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