National Grid, the largest natural gas distributor in the Northeast, recently ran a customer pilot in residential homes throughout New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island comparing homes using smart thermostats and homes using the WeatherBug Home application with their smart thermostats. The results showed WeatherBug Home was delivering three times the amount of energy savings than homes just using a smart thermostat.

The WeatherBug Home application provides neighborhood-level weather reports forecasts and advanced weather alerts, while also tapping connected home data to improve energy efficiency and comfort. It communicates with the smart thermostat to better adjust the HVAC settings for increased energy savings.

The specific findings from the study include:

  • On a per-square-foot basis, the WeatherBug Home optimized group saved 0.1808 kWh/sqft, compared to 0.0358 kWh/sqft for the control group.
  • Homes integrated with WeatherBug Home’s optimization and controls capabilities more effectively regulated temperatures than homes without these capabilities. Indoor air temperatures for the group with WeatherBug Home optimization controls more closely matched set points compared to the group without that optimization control.
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