Sharecropper immigrants.
Lynne Sladky

While some blame immigrants for stagnating wages currently besieging America, others blame executives, who as President Obama asserts, focus too exclusively on "quarterly earnings over long-term returns." The Atlantic staffer Gillian B. White takes a look at Obama's claim executives are the real culprits, not immigrants. 

White notes that President Obama acknowledges that immigrants do play a role in the economic problem, but not as significant a force as corporate execs, who are rewarded based on what they deliver to shareholders, not to workers:

The president’s argument during the State of the Union address was probably not that wage redistribution and suppression doesn’t exist, but instead that the level of wage dampening that immigration is actually responsible for in the broader scope of the problem pales in comparison to the wage suppression that has occurred since multi-billion dollar companies decided to prioritize rewarding shareholders first and workers last.

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