Photo courtesy Morgan Riley, Wikimedia Commons 
Photo courtesy Morgan Riley, Wikimedia Commons 

Redfin's Alina Ptaszynski zeros-in on the most walkable neighborhoods in Richmond, Va. following its inclusion on the  Top 10 Most Walkable Mid-Sized City of 2015.

Richmond's walkability is enhanced by its historic architecture, tree-lined avenues, and local businesses and shops. One of the neighborhoods that embodies these elements is Monroe Ward: 

Monroe Ward is in the heart of Richmond’s historic downtown, tucked between the VCU’s Monroe Park campus and medical campus.  “The area is known for its boutique apartment and condo buildings, many of which have been well preserved,” says Teller. Monroe Ward is home to the famous Jefferson Hotel. Even if you aren’t staying there, Teller says it’s worth taking a look in the lobby."

Head over to Redfin to see the other most walkable neighborhoods in  Richmond: 

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