Here's a trend that some smart home builder's going to crack the code on and take advantage of soon: NPS. As in neighborhood positioning system.

According to a July 2015 Pew Research Center poll, people are using their smart phones for far more than just texts and calls. Pew staffer Monica Anderson takes a look at the things people are using their smart phones for including directions, shopping, and watching moveis/TV on paid subscription services.

The way that people use these devices also changes according to age demographics. Young adults (18-29) are more likely to grab their phones for something other than your typical phone call:

Listening to music and shopping on the go are especially popular among smartphone owners ages 18 to 29: 87% have listened to an online radio or music service on their phone, compared with 41% of those 50 and over, and 73% have shopped online through their mobile device, versus 44% of older users.

Directions to your model homes for an incentive or upgrade may be the next big thing.

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