Immigrant stats from different countries, showing U.S. rank among countries with foreign born residents.

The United States' foreign-born population share of 13.1% ranks it as No. 4 in the world, trailing New Zealand, Australia, and Canada by a handy magnitude. Still, when it comes to welcoming immigrants, we're a good stretch ahead of European countries.

That's the viewpoint of New York Times columnist Eduardo Porter, whose overall analysis is that families or individuals who move here can integrate into society and jobs and communities with greater opportunity than most other places. The American Dream lives. Porter writes:

A report released in September by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine noted that more immigrants buy into the American dream than do native-born Americans: 70 percent believe their children will be better off than themselves, up from 60 percent 20 years ago. Among American-born parents, only 50 percent believe that.

In fact, the children of the least-educated immigrants are much better educated than their parents. They find much better jobs.
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