U.S. job creation was strong through 2015 says Gallup staffer Andrew Dugan. The yearly average for the U.S. Job Creation Index stood at +30 in 2015, a new yearly high and increase from 2014's score of +26. However, December's index of +30 was down slightly from the monthly record of high of +32, seen for six consecutive months from May to October. 

Nongovernment hiring is down, while government hiring increased by two points November to +27, which tied the record high seen in October. In the private sector, hiring was at +31 in December, slightly below November's +32 score and down from the seven-year high of +34 recorded in October.

While Gallup's U.S. job creation metric fell slightly in December from the record high found each month from May through October, it ended 2015 on solid footing. Gallup has reported on other indicators showing that Americans increasingly see the state of the labor market as improving: the percentage of Americans who say now is a good time to find a quality job in 2015 was higher than any time before the financial crisis, and the Gallup Good Jobs rate -- the percentage of the population engaged in full-time payroll employment -- is near its highest level since 2010.

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