urban life ... San Diego's new downtown living areas give the city back to those who do not drive cars.

Luxury condos, new hotels and upscale restaurants are appearing in San Diego’s burgeoning downtown district as residents explore a new pursuit: walking.

As Wall Street Journal staffer Candace Jackson sees it, a long-awaited inversion--upscale residents moving from the suburbs to urban downtown core locations--may have gotten underway in San Diego. Although, few towns can match San Diego for what it does offer downtown. Jackson writes:

San Diego has long been a car-centric city, dominated by suburban-style subdivisions and gated communities. Now, that’s changing. Cranes downtown mark where new office towers, luxury condos and hotels will soon join the skyline. Restaurants with upscale comfort-food menus and hidden speakeasy bars line revitalized street fronts. Though downtown’s revitalization has had several waves over the years, the latest is higher-end, and picking up quickly post-recession. The population of downtown is about 30,800 residents—a 76% increase since 2000—and more than 9,000 apartment and condo units are currently in the pipeline for development.

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