As the Internet of Things slowly begins to take over every corner of the home, homeowners will need simple and functional ways to control the gadgets that come with a connected lifestyle. As Wired writer David Pierce states, the smartphone won't cut it - it's just not as good as a remote with clickable buttons that respond immediately. 

He says that the next wave of the smart home is a universal remote that controls does it all - the technological equivalent of a Swiss army knife. 

That's where Neeo comes in. Neeo was launched a year ago with a Kickstarter campaign that garnered $1.5 million. The result was a remote that's half-screen, half-buttons.

It can control your TV, your set-top box, your game console, your lights, and more than 50,000 other devices. The remote features a “brain” that uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, infrared, and a handful of other sensors and radios to connect to everything in your house.The remote is handsome and simple, an aluminum candy bar that feels heavy but impressive. The interface is clean, fast, and almost comically obvious. It’s hard to not know what to do with buttons like “TV” and “Lights,” but just in case, there are icons too. For every complex action, there’s a button or slider on the screen, and for all the simple stuff there’s an up and a down and an OK button. The screen makes the Neeo extensible and future-proof; the buttons make it work.

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