Hot home features as revealed by's analysis of for-sale home listings.

Like it or not, algorithms are replacing the seat of our pants as tools for trend-spotting. So, semantic phrase search, recognition, and patterning are technology's way of telling us that math trumps instinct when it comes to predicting what's hot and what's not when it comes to housing trends.

Here's Yuqing Pan highlights the data-mining nuggets turned up as her research associates trolled millions of listings and sifted out the most commonly used phrases for home features for the past five years. Pan writes:

“Rather than a barometer of trends, those are really adoption cycles,” says Javier Vivas, data analyst at®. “It’s more about how long it takes a particular new feature to become prevalent. It’s like car technology: First you see the cutting-edge stuff in luxury cars, then it spreads into the mainstream.”

Okay, then, Javier, let's have a look at those adoption cycles and where they stand right now.

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