Tornado risk, a heat-map from RealtyTrac

This interactive heap map identifies the counties with Very High or High tornado risks. The top five counties are Wayne County, Michigan ( 821,990), Marion County, Indiana (418,040), Oklahoma County, Oklahoma (320,354), Jefferson County, Alabama (301,202) and Cobb County, Georgia (286,528).

RealtyTrac climactic disturbance analyst and expert Danielle Mazzarella has "natural disasters" as a focus, looking at these events' impact on real estate values and transactions.

RealtyTrac's 2015 U.S. Natural Disaster Housing Risk Report, which found that 35.8 million U.S. single family homes and condos with a combined estimated market value of $6.6 trillion are in counties with high or very high natural hazard risk. Those 35.8 million homes represent 43 percent of the 83.4 million single family homes and condos in all counties analyzed for the report.

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