Happy in deed, a new retiree homeowner, takes over possession of his house keys.

Expectations are that in 2016, about one of every six or seven homes sold will be bought by 65-plus year-olds, the third largest home buyer segment behind Millennials and Gen Xers.

Realtor.com content producer Cicily Wedgeworth and her team of researchers "go deep" on retirement-friendly Meccas in America, a mostly-discretionary buyer group whose primary sentiment in shopping is that they've "earned" their dream home. Wedgeworth writes about how Realtor.com zeroed in on the markets it did:

Our data team identified 10 markets that we expect to see the most retiree buying activity in 2016, due to retirees’ large share of the population as well as the market’s rapidly rising home values. Then, we crunched some numbers to figure out what kind of budget this group might be working with—since many retirees are on a fixed income.

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