medical scientists

New Strategist Press editorial director Cheryl Russell probably looks at more Census and Labor Department data in a week than most of us look at in a lifetime. Here, she's parsing the Bureau of Labor Statistics' employment data from the Current Population Survey, and highlighting 10 occupations in the United States where Asians make up the largest share of the worker population.

She notes that across all occupations, the share of Asian workers is about 6%. Here are the 10 occupations where Asians comprise the majority of workers.

  1. Misc. personal appearance workers: 55.3%
  2. Medical scientists: 33.8%
  3. Software developers, applications and systems: 31.9%
  4. Statisticians: 24.5%
  5. Computer hardware engineers: 22.8%
  6. Electrical and electronics engineers: 21.4%
  7. Sewing machine operators: 21.1%
  8. Physicians and surgeons: 21.0%
  9. Computer systems analysts: 20.9%
  10. Computer programmers: 19.7%
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