Certain parts of Europe and Asia have a difficult problem to overcome--aging workforces and low-level replacement fertility rates, according to The Orange County Register's Joel Kotkin. 

But some countries are taking steps to fix the issue. China, for example, has changed it's age-old laws against having two children. However more needs to happen on a global basis to fix this issue:

Overall, governments are notoriously unsuccessful at getting people to change their basic behaviors. Like China, other East Asian countries – South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore – used to worry about overpopulation. Now, they try to encourage births by offering elaborate cash gifts, subsidies and pro-family changes in tax policy, but they still have failed to halt the decline of the the traditionally familial culture that long defined Confucian-infused societies.

To learn more about the attempts of governments to correct population issues, head over to The Orange County Register:

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