Escape Homes

A suburban Chicago builder has witnessed the growing popularity of tiny homes firsthand and is doing his best to keep up with demand. As the only tiny-house builder within 800 miles, Bob Clarizio said he's been working in "blitzkrieg mode" ever since he decided in January to stop doing kitchen and bathroom remodels in the Palatine, Ill., area and instead focus exclusively on building tiny houses.

"It's absolutely incredible how fast this thing has grown," Clarizio told the Daily Herald, adding that his company receives about 20 inquiries a day and has pre-sold more than 15 homes in four months, totaling more than $500,000 in sales.

People have waited in hour-long lines to view their model homes at green expos and home shows, and Clarizio is looking to expand his business five-fold to accommodate demand. "Our plan is to change an industry," he said. "We feel we're creating a product for the common person."

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