Houston Business Journal staffer Paul Takahashi takes a look inside the homes at Tiger Woods golf resort, although they haven't opened yet many are already being pre-sold. 

Triple Design and Build LLC will offer member suits, cottages, and patio homes, and will be building the first 10 of 147 resort homes. Bluejack National plans on offering 234 lots of custom homes for owners to choose from. These lots are predicted to be constructed soon.

“Sales have been great,” said Casey Paulson, president of Bluejack National. “We only have one golf course slot left, although we’ll have more in phase two. We’ll have people living here in not too long.”

“We’re very pleased and happy to see how far we’ve come in 18 months,” Paulson said. “I think people still want to buy a great quality, high-end experience. You can drive out here in under an hour and be in the middle of the country.”

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