The Pew Research Center gives us insight on American entrepreneurs, the 14.6 million self-employed workers that, last year, provided jobs for a staggering 29.4 million workers.

The study uncovered some demographic trends of this segment: Immigrants and men are much more likely to be self-employed than American-born citizens and women.

Most job creation by the self-employed—22.5 million out of 29.4 million—flowed from those with incorporated businesses. While most self-employed workers owned unincorporated businesses, those with incorporated businesses were three times as likely to employ others for pay, by 41% to 13%. 

... Not all self-employed workers are job creators, however. Only about one-in-four of them (3.4 million) said they usually have at least one paid employee. Hiring is typically small-scale. Self-employed workers with employees had a median of three paid employees in 2014 and an average of 8.6 employees.
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