Fast Company writer Adele Peters takes a look at a new, ultra-efficient wood stove that produces virtually no soot and is targeted to residents of cities like San Francisco, which made it illegal to use a wood-burning fireplace at certain times of the year.

Unlike a typical, wood stove that sucks in air as smoke goes out the chimney in an inexact, unpredictable process, the smart-controlled Mulciber uses a fan to drive air through its system. This forces fires to burn as completely, and as cleanly, as possible.

"Our biggest concern is the health problems that come with them being dirty. These [typical] wood stoves don't have a whole lot of control over how much air gets into the fire," says Taylor Myers, co-founder of MF Fire. "It turns out that being able to control that air is really important if you want the wood stove to burn clean."

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