Two brothers have developed a portable wind turbine from scratch that could provide enough energy to power a small house according to Fast Company's Ben Schiller. 

Einar Agustsson and his brother Agust Agustsson created four versions of The Trinity wind turbine—which stores power as well as creates it—in 50-, 400-, 1,000- and 2,500-watt options. The largest size could power a small house, while the 1000-watt version works well for RVs and boats. The smallest device is best suited for USB devices, phones, and laptops.

The Trinity ranges in price from $399 and $5999 based on size, and the brothers plan to start shipping orders in April. 

"Smaller wind solutions haven't really been competitive to solar solutions. That's because it's more complex to set up and also it's very expensive," Einar says. "We wanted to change that and I think we've done that by making a lightweight product that is very easy to set up and has everything inside of it—the battery, the charge controller, and the inverter."

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