U.S. Census: Custodial parents receiving child support

U.S. Census Survey Statistician Timothy Grall dissects cash and noncash assistance from noncustodial parents for one-quarter of children living in families--22.1 million children under age 21--who live with only one of their parents.

Grall notes that the data from from 2014 Current Population Survey report called the 2013 Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support, which provides demographic information about custodial parents, as well as child support and other income or program data. Grall writes:

Of the 5.7 million custodial-parent families that were due child support in 2013, just 45.6 percent received all payments that were due. This was an increase from 1993 when just 36.9 percent received every payment.

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