Fast Company's Adele Peters takes a look at a new app that keeps track of what's in the pantry, and how much time you have to make use of it-- backed by a database of how long any particular food item can last. Then, it suggests a few recipes to use it up. 

The app can sync with online grocery providers such as InstaCart to keep track of latest deliveries. At brick-and-mortar stores, it tracks purchases through loyalty cards. Or, you can simply take a picture of your receipt and Foodfully will do the rest. 

"We wanted to try to start to make a dent in some of the millions and millions of pounds of food that go to landfill every year," says Brianna McGuire, co-founder of Foodfully. The average American now tosses out around 20 pounds of food a month—50% more than we did in the 1970s—wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars in a year and all of the resources that went into growing, storing, and transporting the food.

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